Mark Anthony Mendoza Poems

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Now It’s Time To Move On

Should I be the one be getting all the guilt
Like I’ve done nothing right, all I do is wrong
I know I can’t stop thinking what went wrong
Why I never wait, why I had enough


It’s not about what we do but its about what we have
Things happen not because we wanted it but because we deserve
But through action is our responsibility.
Cannot blame time and God for every bad things that come to us


I couldnt keep my face not to smile this day
As I wake up, the sun's so bright shinning into my window
Too many things to do, for this day is so special
Wondering what magic would happen this day

The Moment

The moment I saw I knew there is something more
The moment I touched you I knew love is there
The moment I close my eyes it's still you I see
I knew I found love the moment I had you in my heart


You may be surprise how I know most of the things you do
How could I read your mind, how could I see beyond you.
It's not magic or tricks my girl.. maybe if we look beyond
Maybe it's the what they call 'soulmate'

Love In Silence

It's been a while and words starts to be in silence
Though it may sound like we dont want to say the words we used to
Still there are things that is the same and can never be denied

The Kiss

After the night still I can feel the touch
The magic still is there as i went to sleep
Each passing minute I want to be with you
Feel the warmth of your hand and body

What You'Ve Been To Me

Goodbyes have float between the two of us
The getting back together seems to be far
Tears have been scattered all around the road
But then we know we got to move on

A War Between Love And Myself

In life we all aspire the unreachable
So blinded by love we submerge
But this is somehow the power of it
And though we know the consequences

Emotions (Just You And Me)

In the world of love, emotion plays an important part
He tells and set the mood for the audience
Touch each life to be happy, to feel lonely, to be sad, to be in love
With it, it sees what our eyes couldn’t see.. and that’s the mystery of love

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