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Sunset And Sunrise

As the sun behind the horizon descends,
bestows an orange upon the sea
makes the water glitter like gold,
but suddenly this fades,

Facebook Era

This facebook generation seems to think life is one big photo opt.
It seems as if they are obsessively in love with themselves,
trapped in a narcissistic shallow bubble as it were.

Road To Perfection

We behold a common error,
imperfection at its best.
We try to hide our faults,
pretending to win this test.


Oh eternal everlasting Sublime,
cleanse this filthy heart of mine.
Remove my sins in which I wallow,
so that I may start a new life tomorrow.

The Power Of Silence

Angels beckoned by the sounds of silent bells,
as if it fills the air with the irony of harmony,
and a symphony that crescendos towards heaven's hills.
There is a sweet silence filled with Nature's sounds;

I Write Poetry

I write poetry,
I write poetry because silence is what my soul speaks,
And this silence is deafening like the cries of pains
Emanating from a fallen world and rains

A Love Away

I awake to the sun of the sombre morn,
ten thousand pieces my heart is torn,
like fallen petals on a windy land,
and parting kisses blown by my hand.

My Indian Beauty

My Indian beauty from Sangre Grande
Came and met me in lonely city.
Now I was African and all too pure,
But still our love was sealed and sure,

Torn Asunder

In a room filled with purple flowers,
and petal laden floors.
with silk satin lonely hours,
and hearts with broken doors.

My Prayer

' Hail Mary, mother of God' i begin my prayer,
but dumbly the statues watches without a care.
and i clutch my heart in my despair,
wondering is heaven really there?

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