Facebook Era Poem by mark anthony st. rose

Facebook Era

This facebook generation seems to think life is one big photo opt.
It seems as if they are obsessively in love with themselves,
trapped in a narcissistic shallow bubble as it were.

The world of onlookers become their mirror
and when persons fail to notice,
or notice negatively,
they feel as if their mirror is cracked.

And no longer the most beautiful of them All,
they are dejected to the point of throwing themselves
of a f%#*king wall.

copyright by Mark Anthony St. Rose. All rights reserved.

Miroslava Odalovic 02 March 2014

Lol it is peculiar. Just imagine a guest in your house whom you'd immediately show your family photos, greet him/her with a new status each day. Once wrote about this in a digression. Still, it's what we make of it. Ecxcellent writing.

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Susan Lacovara 28 February 2014

Couldn't agree more...Facebook seems more a battleground, or a burial ground, as it seems to be the way of hearing bad news...the new normal of disconnect. I invite you to read my poem, Unsocial Media, similar in this vein. Perhaps we are prisoners to too much technology! ? Thank you for the sharing of your thoughts.

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Francie Lynch 28 February 2014

Mark, your theme is a prevalent one. Read Patient Zero One for another take on your theme.

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