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I had my wonder years
But they slowly faded and went dead
Till all that was left of that heart string
Was a corn silk twine

Listen to the wind whistle
It brings songs from other places and days
Some catch your ear, some continue on their ways

Some to reach higher
Some to shine above the rest
Some to climb out of the pail
I, to be my best

Ancient poetic forms
Create memories through which doors
Remain open to the past
Open to a newer generation

Tunnels in your mind dug in black places
Coming to light in the corners of calm faces
Curved like arches that never sleep
They run in void spaces wide and deep

I touched my ears as they began to blister from the hot sun
I felt like I had run into the water instead of walk to get relief

The salty brine was cool on this typical California summer day

Lay the board down drive over the spikes
Let your friends out of the trunk where they hide
Travel the humps and bumps to the perfect place
There’s room for you there its just enough space

Who tinted your glasses?
Who poisoned your well?
Who did you open your gates for?
Who told you about Hell?

I sent my last telegram today..
It was a happy message full of dots and dashes..
The carrier was solemn as he left the station..
Nevermore to see smiles or sad faces..

To peel back the sky is what I desire
To know all the truth is what I aspire
To throw my mind beyond the wind and whim of man
To see past the now


Where is home?
Is it where the heart is?
Is it where the mind is?
Is it where your dreams are?

I used to fear the dark, but now I welcome it
It did not kill me nor make me stronger
It does give me a solace that I desire
A sounding board for my deep thoughts

Looking back I realized that time had made me wise
And everything that they had told me was in their own minds

I ran down the green grass hill
I felt I had stood on a thousand times
An open place valley of echoing sounds
That over the days did fade in my mind

Sky blue
Always on the move
Chasing 'way the clouds and rain
There to make somebody's day


I love to smell the jasmine blooming in the night
I love to hide in the darkness

The voices laugh in the background

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My Wonder Years

I had my wonder years
But they slowly faded and went dead
Till all that was left of that heart string
Was a corn silk twine
Dry, rough and thuddy
To the hand and ear

At times it revives when I let go
And the wide eyed boy in me runs free
And again sees starry nights and a shining moon(serendipity)
That reminds my soul of the real me

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