Ballad- Of A Drowned Boy Poem by Mark Arvizu

Ballad- Of A Drowned Boy

I touched my ears as they began to blister from the hot sun
I felt like I had run into the water instead of walk to get relief

The salty brine was cool on this typical California summer day
That did not bother the other children as they laughed and played

The ocean has a will of its own with many journeys and stories to tell
Its depths hold more than vast quantities of water and life

I did not notice the children's voices dim among the massaging current
That me drew deeper into it as I saw the lifeguard's shrinking turrets

So now I battle at 13
A tenebrous monster of infinity

My short life is not passing in front of me
Only the blue sky as I try to remain afloat

The harder I try to get to shore
All the more I am broken with unceasing undulating

I am yours do with me as you wish o fickle master
Here come the men from the turrets to free me from your chains

Friday, September 11, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: ballad
Kelly Kurt 13 September 2015

A poignant, well written poem, Mark. Thanks

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Mark Arvizu 13 September 2015

Thank you! I am trying to learn how to write all the different this is my Ballad....about an experience I had as a youth.

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Mark Arvizu

Mark Arvizu

Ciudad De Los Angeles, California
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