Mark Heathcote

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Mark Heathcote Poems

721. I Can't Answer Every Question 5/26/2016
722. I Can'T Avoid His Crown Of Thorns… 8/5/2014
723. I Catch In There Plummet: 9/21/2014
724. I Combed, Hemsby Beach… 7/22/2013
725. I Curse The Day 7/28/2013
726. I Dance In The Flames Of Your Love 7/29/2012
727. I Decline To Play 10/23/2014
728. I Don’t Doubt It’s All Fixed 11/6/2013
729. I Don't Just Break A Jing Vase 8/16/2015
730. I Draw An Analogy 6/15/2015
731. I Fed The Stars Into Your Mouth 7/21/2013
732. I Find Fault With Every Tailored Suit? 10/26/2013
733. I Get Lost 2/6/2014
734. I Glean To Touch An Angel's Feather 7/24/2012
735. I Guess I'll Just Cherish The Scar 8/9/2016
736. I Hate You Love You Like Never Before 3/9/2016
737. I Have A Fire Roaring In Me 12/15/2013
738. I Have A Mandate To See Me Through 11/11/2013
739. I Have Longed For You To Live Again For Me 11/18/2015
740. I Have No More Tears Save Hers 7/14/2012
741. I Have Not Love, Enough... 2/16/2012
742. I Have Perceived You Enchanting 1/27/2015
743. I Hear Every Bird Song In A Hymn To You 10/28/2013
744. I Hope For That Day 1/9/2017
745. I Just Can’t Look Away 10/22/2015
746. I Just Want Us To Count The Birds 10/15/2015
747. I Knocked On An Earth-Red Door 11/25/2012
748. 'I Know That I Know Nothing' 2/7/2016
749. I Know The Monsoons Soon Have To Come 6/7/2015
750. I Log-On Fb Every Morning 12/9/2014
751. I love you more than 🎂🍰 9/21/2014
752. I Love You To Death 10/5/2014
753. I Miss Missing You 7/4/2016
754. I Miss Your Flesh 10/1/2013
755. I Need A Bucket Of Water 7/14/2013
756. I Nurse My Heart, My Right To Love You 12/5/2015
757. I Omit, You Are My North Star My Beacon 6/22/2013
758. I Really Don’t Want To Cry 5/17/2015
759. I Remember My Own Insanities… 6/16/2012
760. I Sang And I Satirized 6/11/2014
Best Poem of Mark Heathcote

Two Poems Of Two Line Poems

The still pools reflection, what clarity, within its deepest depths it holds?
Until a trouble mind bestirs, silts of time. Looking for what else unfolds.

In comes morning, hauling death. Don't close your eyes
There's only another fifty years worthless wondering left.

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Pale White Beauty

Soft as the moonlight, glinting
Through a veil of silken snow
You're pale, your white beauty, maudlin?
My hearts beat speaking in overflow…
You with your dark hair roving
Oh ivory shouldered, queen
There where the barn owl, sleeping?
So quietly calm and serene
There where the raven is feeding?

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