Mark Heathcote Poems

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Restrain Me

Restrain me because I want to bathe in your sun
I want a southern moon to shiver on you
from the naked shadows, I'd be casting all over you.
Restrain me; I'm like an applecart toppled over

The Falling Snow

From my home beneath your window
By sight I love you
By divinity, I kiss you
By touch, I embrace you

Poverty Is A Gift

Father, poverty is a gift
ask any bird taking a rain bath.
Son, don't make me laugh
there's nothing but rain

Let Me Fall Under Some Natural Disaster

Let me fall under some natural-disaster
the eye of a storm picks up the hereafter.

Be felled as if by a random act of god,

I've Frozen Time & Space

Fleeting as an ocean wave;
once, surge waters knocked us both for six. 'I know-
and it is as if only yesterday for me.
I held your hand in mine a lifetime ago.

When Rivers Run Cold

When rivers run cold, it makes you wonder if they were ever warm
Why we ever went skinny-dipping, swam naked in a thunderstorm
When fires turn to ashes, it makes you wonder did they ever burn.
Why was the air sulphur every other silent nocturne?

River Street Urchins

River street urchins
The gutters are swelling
[Waiting] for the sky—you, I
To reach—the storm drains of joy.

Encompasses A Whole

Do our dreams leave impressions?
Like fossils leave-footprints
why count our possessions?
With others be—wolfish.

Two Poems Of Two Line Poems

The still pools reflection, what clarity, within its deepest depths it holds?
Until a trouble mind bestirs, silts of time. Looking for what else unfolds.

Roses Are On Fire

A river of stars
a bed of roses still in bud
we're but water lilies
learning to be rainbows

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