Mark Heathcote

Gold Star - 21,886 Points [none] (22/03/66 / Manchester)

Mark Heathcote Poems

41. A Hornet On The Wing 9/8/2014
42. A Host Of Angels Sing! 6/6/2013
43. A Joy If Heaven Is Perpetual Bright! 11/25/2012
44. A King's Reward 8/4/2014
45. A Kiss That Says I Still Love You 7/15/2013
46. A Lake Of Fire 8/22/2016
47. A Lamb To The Slaughter 9/18/2015
48. A Letter Of Content 11/2/2014
49. A Little Tern Colony 1/8/2017
50. A Losing Hand Of Poker 7/24/2012
51. A Love Slave's Shanty To A Goddess... 2/16/2012
52. A Lover's Vow To Spring 11/25/2012
53. A Man Carries An Icon Hand Painted 1/27/2016
54. A Medusa's Calling… 9/21/2012
55. A Minute An Hour Is A Distance 1/27/2016
56. A Moment Of Truth 8/27/2014
57. A Neighbor Come Calling 9/25/2012
58. A Pan Fried Fish…? 7/29/2014
59. A Poem Holds Your Hand 9/16/2012
60. A Poetic Exile 2/16/2012
61. A Poet's Epitaph 2/16/2012
62. A Pond Fly 2/16/2012
63. A Rain-Washed Window 1/18/2014
64. A Rare Fallen Petal Spoons 2/15/2014
65. A Righteous Path Is A Bumpy Road… 12/18/2014
66. A Rose Of Some Graces 9/10/2014
67. A Rose Within A Rose 9/12/2015
68. A Sea Of Senseless Victims 11/28/2015
69. A Sense Of Destiny 7/29/2014
70. A Short Pause Before And After 11/17/2014
71. A Silo Shines Like A Golden Rock 1/7/2014
72. A Small Reminder 2/5/2016
73. A Song Delicate As Scented Air 9/8/2014
74. A Song Of Sorrow 3/20/2014
75. A Soul Divine 1/28/2016
76. A Spark Ignites A Fire 1/28/2016
77. A Squirrel's Dream 10/21/2016
78. A Swill Of The Devils Brews 7/14/2014
79. A Tear That Will Be Mine Forever More 11/21/2013
80. A Temporal Vision 4/2/2016
Best Poem of Mark Heathcote

Poverty Is A Gift

Father, poverty is a gift
Ask any bird taking a rain bath.
Son, don't make's me laugh
There's nothing but rain
Poverty isn't a gift
There's nothing but pain.
So son fastens your reigns
Ride for them riches today
Don't live by wage's daily
Paid only once monthly
Father poverty is a gift.
Son nothing is ever enough,
Just ask your mum.

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The Sins Of Seduction

May the world rub shoulders with you in friendship
May its Seven seas buoy us up in comradeship
May the celestial stars in heaven shine upon you
May these mountains fade behind your shadow.

And guide your every footstep on a righteous path
And of scars how many must we carry, I ask you…
Does not the weight of it make us all desperadoes
How many tears spilt make an ocean, do the math.

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