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God Sent Me You~

God must have had you in mind,
When He spread stars in the sky;
For I can see them twinkling,
Everytime I look into your eyes.

He must have been thinking of you,
When He made the moon and the sun;
He knew that they would shine down on you,
Like you were the only one.

I know when He made the mountains,
The beautiful flowers and morning dew;
When He looked at the masterpiece of what He'd done,
He had to be thinking of you.

When He created all humanity,
You had to be on His mind;
Looking across all the generations, ...

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Where Did It Go Wrong

We were so close together
Now so far apart
What happened in between
I can only feel in my heart
I wish you were here
To talk with me today
But I can't pick up the phone
My body won't obey