Martha Lavinia Hoffman

(1865 - 1900 / California / United States)

Martha Lavinia Hoffman Poems

1. Ambition's Climax 5/15/2015
2. Patience 6/18/2015
3. Bird Songs 7/2/2015
4. Empty Nests 7/2/2015
5. Had I But Wings Like Thine 7/2/2015
6. The Invalid to the Caged Bird 7/2/2015
7. Easter Day 7/8/2015
8. Easter Hymn 7/8/2015
9. Be Sure Sin Will Find You Out 8/10/2015
10. A Summer Morning 12/7/2015
11. Not As A King 1/15/2016
12. Lily of the Nile 5/9/2016
13. On the Evening Train 7/22/2016
14. O, Can I Be Happy In Heaven? 3/16/2015
15. One Little Glimpse Of Heaven 3/16/2015
16. Home, Sweet Home 3/19/2015
17. Lines To The Ocean 1/22/2015
18. The Depths 1/22/2015
19. The Cavern By The Sea 1/28/2015
20. The Butterfly 12/13/2014

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Best Poem of Martha Lavinia Hoffman

The Butterfly

Butterfly, butterfly, where are you going?
Do you dine today with the regal rose
Or nectar sip with the lilies blowing
In the golden noontide's sweet repose?
Away, away, on silken pinions,
Gay guest of Flora's proudest minions.

Or will you pause midst the fragrant clover
And their humbler viands not despise,
While the proud tuberoses wait their lover
And the pansies smile from their velvet eyes?
Away, away, on dainty pinions
Gay guest in Flora's fair dominions.

Butterfly, butterfly, praised and petted
Welcomed and feasted and loved by ...

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Lines To The Ocean

Old Ocean, none knoweth thy story;
Man cannot thy secrets unfold,
Thy blue waves sing songs of thy glory
But where are thy treasures untold?

Are they hidden away in the mosses
And sea-weed that covers thy bed?
O tell us, where are all our losses,
Our gold and our gems and our dead?

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