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There is no tomorrow
No tomorrow
For us

So where do you go my love
When angry tears flow down
Your lovely cheeks and fall
Even deeper to touch your feet

Far too much
She suffered
Far too often
He touched

Here we are
Still crying
Here we are
Still lying

Here I am
This is all I will ever be

No more of the frightened one

If I could see behind your smile,
Would I see the broken soul inside
And stay there with you for a while,
Or would that hurt your pride.

The world today
Is not as it was
The world today

Warm gentle breeze
Touches me inside
As we hide in this
Moment forever

And if in the end
I remain alone
And if the end
I will go alone


Dancing balls of fire
Chose freedom in their way
Smiling faces brightly colored
Chose passion to make them stay


Blurry wisdom
Scary sky

I scream

Those hands all over her
That threatening smile
All around her

Forbidden touch
Hidden feelings
Warm breath
On my shoulder

Where, where will you wander
My Precious, the only wonder
I've ever met in my life,
Summer's joyful wife.

With eyes closed
I can see you standing
Out of reach and
You are still wearing

On the other side
He sits and reads
On the other side
He feels no greed

In my deepest fears
You are beside me
In my loneliest nights
You watch over me

See the old lady
Wearing her frowns
As if they were as
Precious as the time

Rough wind outside
Soft warmth inside
Your clothes beside
Mine on the floor

Moonlight in your room
Flatters with the fading
Shadow of your memories
So well hidden in the

The Best Poem Of Martine Kolber

Angry Storms

There is no tomorrow
No tomorrow
For us

There were too many yesterdays
To many
For us

Like boats
Shaken by angry storms
We twist
And break each other

Stay alive
Drawn together
In heaven’s smile

October 26,2006

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Jerome K 01 November 2006

Hey Martine. Even I, ignoring the importance that all this people lay in poetry, am touched by your words. Maybe, who knows, I'll become a real fan of it. Carry on, I'm sure that you will succeed. A old friend... P.S. I ignored you write that good in english ;)

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