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In this still and perished night
On the stairway to the moon
Stars electric blue
Dazzling our view

Branches gently sway
As autumn leaves glide softly to the ground
Leaves red, yellow, gold and brown
Tiny grey squirrels all around

Skies awashed in blue and pearl
Sun reflects a beam speckled yellow, green and blue
A blush of poppies amidst the meadow, silver green
Gently swaying in the breeze

Warm and tender is your smile
Your heart a flower growing wild
Your cry loud
But no one heard

In the stillness of the evening
And the glowing of the sun
Her little white thatched cottage stood
Tis where it all begun

In the twilight of the evening
The waters rippled by
In the sky high above
The little birds did fly

I saw him in the fields today
With two horses and a plough
I Waved at him and said hello
And he just mopped his brow

Sun drenched skies of yellow and blue
And my heart with pleasure fills
As I dance with the daffodils
In the meadows and woodlands I knew well

Stars shining
Golden white
Through the cold and frozen night
Trees laden

Fragile, breaking
Lets have a puff
Smiling, joking
How do I look

Great joy within my heart
For upon the trees
The blossoms springs
Titanium white and crimson gold

You're the sweetness of the vine
And the colours of the sun
You've blossomed like
The primrose


Streets are deserted
As dusk turns to dark
Cold is the night
That warms the heart

Skies of dusty blue
Drip golden honey dew
And my heart with joy
Does sing

Through the thorns I see his face
A saviour and my eternal grace
Now from me
He has flown

Morning dew
Silver mist
Golden sun streaming through
Spider webs

As I sat beside my window
And gazed upon the stars,
I saw your face smile at me
with serenity and grace.

Morning glory
Spills of gold
Birds of spring
Oh, hear them sing

Soaring o'er the hills and valleys
To that land beyond the sea
Where wild flowers grow
In meadows of soft green

Some where in the night
Your precious soul took flight
And in the shadows of the evening
I heard the strangest voice

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In this still and perished night
On the stairway to the moon
Stars electric blue
Dazzling our view
Gravity a force
Curiosity infinite
As I walk
On the stairway to the moon
Electric White engulfs
A sky of red and blue
You and me forever
On the stairway to the moon.

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Mary Forrester Popularity

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