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1. Short Little Love Similies 11/7/2008
2. 'Problem' Solved? ? ? 11/7/2008
3. This Memorial (Veterahns) Day 11/7/2008
4. Importance Of Family 11/7/2008
5. A Return Home 11/7/2008
6. A Poem For Mom 11/7/2008
7. Cleanse Me 11/7/2008
8. The Creation Of Love 11/7/2008
9. Precious Gavin 11/7/2008
10. Oh Mother Be Ashamed Of Me 11/7/2008
11. Words We Once Wanted To Say 11/7/2008
12. Treat Every Moment As Your Last 11/7/2008
13. New Baby Girl 11/7/2008
14. To My Parents 11/7/2008
15. Time, The Crook Of Life 11/8/2008
16. Twins 11/7/2008
17. Darling Fight Bravely 11/7/2008
18. That Pain Inside Wont Last 11/27/2008
19. Reserved For Heaven 12/6/2008
20. We Affect Forever 12/18/2008
21. Wishing You A Merry Christmas! 12/18/2008
22. When I Fold My Hands In Prayer 12/6/2008
23. A Mother Mistaken....Another Life Taken. 11/7/2008
24. A Spring Poem 11/7/2008
25. Bad Spelling 11/7/2008
26. Loving More Each Day 11/19/2008
27. Living In Despair 11/19/2008
28. An Unheard Call 11/7/2008
29. Life Passes So Fast 11/8/2008

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Life Passes So Fast

Baby girl rests in the crib,
Now she’s got a dirty bib,
Little nightgown with slippers of blue,
And now she wares a school dress too.
Lunch box packed an ready to go,
She’s the star dancer in the show.
Roller blades and scraped up knees,
Plays with the boys, they’re climbing trees.
Last baby tooth falls out today,
No more dolls used for play.
Soccer uniform stained and ripped,
Wore heels today and never tripped.
Bowling alley with her friends,
Shopping for the latest trends.
Headphones on while in the car,
Meets her boyfriend at the ...

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Bad Spelling

words seamed to bee so usseles...
Nevar had much youse to spel...
and now, when I actualy nead too..
my speling is like hel.

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