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I am Mary, I am 16 and have great hopes for my future! I love to write poetry I could write all day if it wasn't for highschool. Being catholic I attend a private Catholic school and I love it despite it's extreme level of difficult. I love Science and Math but don't have a problem with all subjects. This year I have especially loved Apologetics. I ...

Mary Murphy Poems

An Unheard Call

Just a little baby
So small and petite
Waits with his mom
In the hospital seat.

Living In Despair

No ones knows just how I feel,
Or what pain I hold inside.
Know one knows just how bad,
I wish I could hide.

Life Passes So Fast

Baby girl rests in the crib,
Now she’s got a dirty bib,
Little nightgown with slippers of blue,
And now she wares a school dress too.

Bad Spelling

Loving More Each Day

Society is falling,
Propriety is gone.
The weak of us are calling,
As poverty grows on.

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