Matthew Peel Poems

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Dreams Of Whales

Close your eyes, fall into sleep
For your soul is mine to keep
No longer here, I'll help suffocate
You on your ashes and eradicate


Listen, hush my child
Dont make a sound.
The room is calm and mild
And the snow hits the ground.

Porch Swing

I can sit on this white porch
Look at you from afar
The sun will rise beyond your step
As I swing from the dark

A Thoughtless Man

Where did his thoughts lie?
At the bottom, destined to die
Before he could take ahold
And reshape their twisted mold

A Look At The Night Sky

Oh night sky, why taunt me?
Your beauty can only mesmerize.
With your lids open for all to see
And the night chariot on the rise.

Sometimes (Barrel Of A Gun)

Sometimes you feel the air suffocate
Wrapping around your lungs
As you struggle to gasp and breath
The chronic lapse of fear in your eyes

A Message To You

You gave my soul a whole new meaning
You helped stop the internal bleeding
I wouldn't have walked these sands
If you never handed me the will to try

A Fall Of Grace

Sometimes the world turns on you
Waters ravage your lonely shore
The sky offers no remorse
Beyond the abysmal pale

Father, You Face The Mountain

Father, you face the mountain
I bet it's pretty, gorgeous even
You probably sit by your stone
And watch days pass, unending

Red Light

I don't know why I stop at the red light
At night
Maybe just to avoid a confrontation with
The boys in blue