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1. Love's Finale 1/10/2014
2. Sandaled Apostles Never Freeze 1/10/2014
3. Out 1/10/2014
4. Winter's Long Night 1/10/2014
5. Decay 1/10/2014
6. Is It God Or Mammon? 1/10/2014
7. Upward 1/10/2014
8. The Dream 1/11/2014
9. Q Is For Question 1/11/2014
10. Marvelous 1/11/2014
11. Oh, Sweet Lips 1/11/2014
12. Sleep On Good Night 1/10/2014
13. What I Came For 1/11/2014
14. The Last Waltz 1/11/2014
15. Yeah Well, It's Like That 1/11/2014
16. From This Place Of Repose I Can See All Of Heaven And Earth 1/10/2014
17. Another Silly Love Poem 1/11/2014
18. In Satan's Palace 1/11/2014
19. Walk On 1/11/2014
20. The Woman Who Fell To Earth 1/11/2014
21. Knowing Ourselves Is Our Greatest Adventure 1/11/2014
22. The Heiress 1/10/2014
23. When They Asked Me To Come Here 1/10/2014
24. Ode To A Heart 4/7/2013
25. Springtime In The Rockies 1/11/2014
26. The Love For A Daughter 1/11/2014
27. I Am My Father's Son And Daughter 1/11/2014

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Best Poem of Matthew Roeser

I Am My Father's Son And Daughter

On the eve of your graduation 
We sat mirroring each other
Each lost 
Each found 

Sitting on cold steel warmed by hearts
A tailgate of remembrance
At dawns edge I dreamed a dream
Of before the great birth

A son who shone a sun
A woven life
As me but not 
Of me but not

You were across the room
At times I shouted to deaf ears
Other times it was you shouting
But always love waved

Always love thirsted
And always together we drank
Tonight we drink again
And tip cans ice cold to our lips

The lips that whispered
That ...

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I feel out

among the summer fireflies
that no longer fly in Philly
or even care that they are no longer flying

in stone sole less shoes

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