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Max Soon Poems

1. Caged Clown 7/27/2008
2. Love's Eternity Vow 7/27/2008
3. The Heart's Cry 7/27/2008
4. Plead For A Perfect World 7/27/2008
5. Life's Cursed Tune 8/2/2008
6. The Damage, Depression And Disappointment Of The Heart 8/2/2008
7. Till The End Of Time 8/2/2008
8. Can Anybody Tell Me Why 9/14/2008
9. Distance 9/14/2008
10. The Tide Of Memories 11/17/2008
11. Saving And Saving Again 11/17/2008
12. Never Failing Love 12/13/2008
13. The One Who Loves Me, And Everyone Else 8/3/2008
14. It Hurts. 4/9/2009
15. Watch The Autumn Leaves Fall 3/22/2010
16. Chase Not 3/15/2011
17. Life's Cruel 5/20/2009
18. Never Give Up Hope 4/3/2009
19. I Am Blessed Because... 2/7/2010
20. The Memory That Kills 11/17/2008
21. In The Deepest Corner Of My Heart 8/23/2008
22. The Day You Went Away 8/2/2008

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The Day You Went Away

The Day You Went Away

The day you went away,
The stars died,
The moon cried,
And sadness stopped the tide.

The day you went away,
Intolerable pain struck my heart,
Knowing that we'll be apart,
Accepting this is always hard.

The day you went away,
I fell into the valley of despair,
Missing you so much but you're not there,
I'll search for you no matter where.

The day you went away,
I promised you that I will wait,
No matter how long it's gonna take,
Let us leave it to our fate.

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Love's Eternity Vow

Love's Eternity Vow

On this fateful January,
Cupid's Arrow shot at me,
I didn't know what happened you see,
'cause all i saw was you and me.

And so I started a long journey,
finding a route to you desperately,

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