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Am a dramatist.I love to compose poems but i don't have much experience.

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18 January 2016

There is the duality of evil and good in everything

20 January 2016

Every mountain can be climbed, just see it as a challenge and not a problem.

20 January 2016

The world is a mystery; to unveil mystery, one has to be mysterious.

20 January 2016

Every man has a reason, but is it reasonable.

20 January 2016

When you reject yourself, yourself will reject you

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...You Are God

Your gratuity to men
Is a propensity to live.
You are awesome in this place
Are not just words to place
But adoration speaks our heart.

You are the I in me
The endless controversy
Mystery that masterminded the mystery.
The skyscraper on Everest.
The unrest watching the rest,

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Mcanthony C. Nwatu Popularity

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