McKenzie Spaulding

McKenzie Spaulding Poems

1. Contradiction 4/19/2009
2. Harmony 4/19/2009
3. A Childs Wonder 4/19/2009
4. Waiting To Be Told 4/19/2009
5. Release 4/20/2009
6. Infatuation 5/12/2009
7. Waves 5/12/2009
8. Thanks Grandpa Max 5/12/2009
9. Stranger 5/12/2009
10. Locking Down 5/12/2009
11. The Girl In The Red Shoes 5/12/2009
12. Adonis 5/13/2009
13. Never Ending Ache 5/13/2009
14. An Unborn Miracle 5/13/2009
15. Sweet Baby Girl 5/13/2009
16. A Torn Soul 4/30/2009
17. Books 5/13/2009
18. Oranges 5/12/2009
19. Momma 5/13/2009
20. Sunshine 4/19/2009
21. Nighttime Wonders 4/20/2009
22. Heart Song 4/20/2009
23. Tunnel Vision 4/19/2009
24. The Fantasy Of A Young Girl 4/19/2009

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Best Poem of McKenzie Spaulding

The Fantasy Of A Young Girl

There he is....the epitome of perfection
Casually leaning against his locker.

Ruffled blonde hair standing up
Flawless in its disarray.

Today is the day
Just a simple 'Hi'
As I discreetly saunter by.

I suck in a deep breath
Searching for relief from the terrible fear
Theatening to upset my stomach.

I absentmindedly smooth my hair
And tug on a loose string on my shirt

While our proximity closed
My breathing sped rapidly

A petite brunette pranced between us
Blocking my way.
Greeting him with an alabaster smile

I ...

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Tunnel Vision

Tendions coil and release
Each muscle is flexed with exertion.

His mind is completly focused on the game before him
Every thought consists of strategies.

Swerving and veering between players
He has one goal:
Get passed the goalie.

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