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Freedom, freedom they shout,
freedom, freedom they say.___
Obsessed with freedom!
Freedom, freedom night and day.___

It is a gradual and a slow process.
From one species another egress.
Species can change and reshape.
They say humans came from ape.

Yesterday night I was there on a bus.
Road was jammed and was a muss.
Bus was empty, travelers were few.
Amidst the jam it crawled through.

Wake up! slumbering eyes.
Engulfed in darkness of night.
Wake up! just open your eyes.
I'll show you dream in daylight.

If it's water, then let it flow.
If it's lamp, then make it glow.
If it's ashes, then let the wind blow.
If you are reading Quran, then be steady and slow.

Man fell into the cage.
Tiger roared with rage.
It came close to him.
Gazed with eyes grim.

When sun was shining bright.
I went into the field of corns.
There I saw a tree very large.
Filled with flowers and thorns.

Their path so smooth.
Their destination so near;
But I tread path much crude.
My destination so unclear.


Wind is showing its strength outside.
Hither and thither blowing things away.
Humans and animals run for refuge.
Large trees wildly shake and sway.

A piece of Africa in Asia.
Thirst, hunger and hysteria.
I am Gaza, 'Mother of all Prisons'.

Time and again emotional you get.
My dear friend unncessarily you fret.
Don't give too much stress to heart.
Using brains at times is such an art.


Today you will see a sight very rare.
hypocrisy will come in bridal wear.

Will be removed all clothes of creeds.

Will it help?

If dams are made out of handkerchiefs
to hold floods of sufferings and griefs.

It is victory of light over darkness.
But his eyes filled with bleakness.
It is victory of hope over despair.
But a poor child with no one to care.

Over and over you love to judge.
Genuine at times or due to grudge.

Your approach frank and upfront.

You want to judge the book;
Or you are curious and keen.
Gibingly you ask about microbes.
With Naked eyes unseen.

Vast expanding universe
with unmeasurable space.___
Yet not enough space for
'God Al-mighty' to encase.___

I know not how to beg.
I know not how to pray.
I am immersed in sins.
I have just gone astray.

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Drum Of Freedom

Freedom, freedom they shout,
freedom, freedom they say.___
Obsessed with freedom!
Freedom, freedom night and day.___

They have erected and they
show large statues of freedom.___
Freedom, freedom they sing like
hymns and ever beat the drum.___

Bombings, theft and dacoity
disguised in the name of freedom.___
Killings, torture, rape all are fine,
just shout freedom, freedom.___

But are they themselves free?
handful rule them with a glee.___
People of money and media and
walls of prejudice and lies I see.___

Few have taken them as hostage
and they've made world unfree.___
I pray for their freedom so that
entire world becomes free.___

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