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1. Crossed With God 3/25/2015
2. Sozo My Salvation 7/15/2015
3. Vision 8/1/2015
4. The Indigo Orphan 10/19/2015
5. My Family Is Above 10/20/2015
6. I Curse Rain 10/23/2015
7. Judgement 1/27/2016
8. Move On 2/13/2016
9. Pray For Those In Prisons As If You Were Imprisoned With Them 2/13/2016
10. Darkness And Light 6/3/2016
11. The Truth Shall Liberate Your Soul (Incomplete Part 1) 5/8/2017
12. Perplexed Revelation 8/30/2017
13. Darkness And Light: The Second Attempt 1/20/2018
14. The Absolute 3/14/2015
15. Moments After Rapture 3/9/2015
16. The Shadows 2/19/2015
17. Happiness Is Just An Illusion 3/19/2015

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Happiness Is Just An Illusion

I'm starting to believe that to some of us 'happiness is just a word'
When everything you try turn to fall apart, you become furious and a target of the voices in your head. You watch the time tick listening to its sound as it passes you. Still you remain left alone inside your own shell of nightmares. Becoming far away from the light and the people surrounding you.

Torture voices antagonizing your mind. Slowly you become short tempered easily provoked filled with bitterness. You can feel the demons haunting your soul, preying on your thoughts. Life gets really harder as your life ...

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The Absolute

Shalom Shalom Salem One Of The Most High
The supreme being highly intellectual
You are the seed of intellect and wisdom
You are overall consciousness and absolute righteousness
Glory is your trustworthy word
The word that pierces the heart with kindness
Erasing hatred greed envy and ego

Oh Highly Christ consciousness

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