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1. 'Anarchy' 4/29/2011
2. 'Penning' 4/25/2011
3. The Cry 4/25/2011
4. A Frame For The Lost 5/6/2011
5. The Scent Of The Rain 5/8/2011
6. Peril Unending 8/28/2011
7. What Shall I Call 'This Day'? 10/3/2011
8. ........Ho! 10/5/2011
9. Daivame 10/7/2011
10. Blue 10/8/2011
11. A Prayer 10/10/2011
12. ...A Song Of Joy 10/13/2011
13. Game 10/15/2011
14. Can We Revisit? 10/18/2011
15. Chase! 11/11/2011
16. Black 5/11/2011
17. Memories Of A River 5/20/2011
18. Hullabaloo Reloaded! 2/18/2012
19. The Rain 4/25/2011
20. Mirror 4/30/2011
21. Love 4/30/2011
22. A Song For The New Year 1/4/2012
23. Attention 8/27/2011
24. Jennifer Was A Sea Nymph 5/8/2011
25. Birds Of Neighborhood 5/5/2011
26. Salt 12/13/2011

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Best Poem of Meenu Alex


I am thinking of water now, today
Like a seagull its the salty taste
Its salt smell
Its moist vapors and for its crusty feel
I wait till the end
Until the smoke leaves the white crystal
The benevolent sun gives a rainbow in my hand
You are my salt
You are the salt of the earth
You are my crystalline dreams
My heart!
Crisp, pure, throbbing life
you hid something precious inside
The sunflower turned the slender
seductive neck towards the sea
The salt and its smell
A young wild tiny flower walked on its heels
and called me ...

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The Rain

The flood came before rain
Then I knew
Things now take on a topsy turvy course
Memories got etched before dreams
Then I knew
The difference between ice and iceberg
Rainbows flickered even in summer
Then I knew
The humid soft touch of love

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