Mel. D.

Mel. D. Poems

1. I'M Fine 9/3/2012
2. The Snow 9/3/2012
3. Nightmares 9/9/2012
4. Daddy's Little Soldier 9/26/2012
5. In The Corner 10/13/2012
6. Sin 10/13/2012
7. Longing 4/7/2013
8. Flying 9/14/2013
9. So Far Away 7/17/2014
10. Migraine 4/8/2015
11. Sometimes 11/21/2016
12. Confused 1/6/2013
13. In Your Arms 10/7/2012
14. Travel 9/9/2012
15. Dark Things 9/3/2012
16. Sugar Addict 12/20/2012
17. Best Friend 10/2/2012
18. Aloe Vera 3/7/2013

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Best Poem of Mel. D.

Aloe Vera

The red line slowly rises,
Puffy and bold against my pale arm. 
Why must I make so many promises
If I'm the only one that I harm. 

It's my only escape from everything,
My salve for life's harsh burns.
It's for when challenges are flaring
and it seems as if insanity governs. 

It's for when friends just don't understand
And are suddenly horrible at advising. 
When there is no helping hand,
The pain looks its most enticing. 

It's for when the secrets get heavy
And I can't risk letting myself shout. 
When I need some relief badly,
The ...

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I'M Fine

I'm the kind of person who will say
As my head rolls down the corridor,
'Yeah, I am doing pretty okay, '
While I watch my body hit the floor.

My head finally stops at a door
And faces heaven's silver line.
I beg for help from my Savior
No longer pretending I'm fine.

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