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I am a soldier
fighting to win
trying to survive
all those that sin

Who are you to mock me
Who do you think you are
Who are you to scream at me
this time you have gone to far

Please let my childhood be,
can't you see what your doing to me
thats why I am running so fast
to leave my past,

What is the time my darling
what is the time my duck
do anything you want my darling
but dont...push your luck

You may not be here by person
but you are here by soul
and until we are together
in my heart lies this hole


I am alone
alone on my own
no-one to talk to
no-one to call

I will light a candle
in memory of your name
the one we call mother
and others call Elaine

Oh how naive had I been
you deny it
but you were seen
Others had told me

Well it is December once again
people full of happiness and cheer
but oh no, not for me, for I will be remembering
the beginning of that dreaded New Year.

When life no longer wants to scream you name
When all the pain and suffering comes to its end
When your old life has taken its last breath
And your new life begins as you begin to walk

When I lost you
I thought it was the end
I didn’t only lose a mother
I lost my greatest friend

They let you slip away on that famous day
The one that’s known as New Year
No time did it take once the disease had set in
No sooner had you found it

It’s hard to say how I’m feeling
I’m sorry but it’s true
And you will never hear me say these words
The ones of I love you

If I could
I would hug you
If I could
I’d say what you mean to me


I’m feeling low
Tears are falling
Trying to hide
But thinking of you

When you die
It's not you that I will miss
for I'll be thinking of mother
Who you killed with your poisonous kiss

I'm in a dark place
and I'm sinking fast
wanting this time to be my turn
but again my heart comes last


What is life?
to get mocked and used,
the story’s the same
To get hurt and bruised


You are my pride and joy
but my pride and joy has now gone
I cannot say goodbye
I cannot let you go

Today is your birthday
but how sad we are
Because you should be close
yet you are so far

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The Soldier's Tale

I am a soldier
fighting to win
trying to survive
all those that sin
for survival I must fight
as it is my duty
but alone I leave, at home
my worried beauty

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Melanie Candy Popularity

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