Melati Hussein

Melati Hussein Poems

1. Return To Sender? 9/28/2015
2. Meandering Hope 9/30/2015
3. Empty Shadow 10/1/2015
4. Remote Control 10/3/2015
5. The Convenience Of A Ballpoint 10/4/2015
6. The Smallness Of Insignificance 10/28/2015
7. Fluctuations 11/5/2015
8. Passing Through Autumn 11/8/2015
9. The Day The Sky Fell Down 11/11/2015
10. Soulless Sun 11/25/2015
11. The Death Of Autumn 11/27/2015
12. In Sleep 12/1/2015
13. The Threads We Weave 12/6/2015
14. The Immensity Of A Word 12/10/2015
15. Out Of Season 12/15/2015
16. No Promises 12/20/2015
17. Shiny Lies 1/7/2016
18. Melting Soul 2/2/2016
19. In A Maze 2/27/2016
20. Translucent Thoughts 12/30/2015

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Best Poem of Melati Hussein

Translucent Thoughts

If only your thoughts were as translucent as my soul
My being has become a museum
A contemporary collection
Although my memories have not been catalogued well

Having spoken to you
You have become both nearer and further away
Waiting to see you
Hoping to see you
It's a fool's game

I still harbour a kiss
My lips are primed
And perhaps unable to obey the metal of my mind

Will you perceive all of this the moment our eyes meet?
There is no veil for a translucent soul.

I'm calm
And you said you are as well

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Meandering Hope

Hope isn't usually something
that suddenly jumps out
shouting and screaming.

It often meanders
wandering up behind you
when you least expect it.

The problem with this
is that sometimes you don't realise
it's there

Then hope goes wandering off again
leaving you unaware
that hope was so near.

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