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Romance kills so much
a part of me i like;
romance makes me neglect
a part of me i care to love.

Every man meets his deceits
in the mirror and shyly say

Out, bright and brave,
It is the sun that shines
Nothing else came by.
It came and burnt the chicky grass

A smoke of mighty mezz
blown away by trifle winds.
Not for tears but smile.
Be strong for the coming days,

Africa! true heroes have all passed, awake
Now is time for new heroes to come
To save this land from imminent vibrations
Africa is the first Africa is the last of our own

-greed is useless-
How thirsty i turn to be
Water from the pond
Water from the rain

Little flower
That grew from
Pleasurable fields
From love to life

Thousands raunched
Thousands slaughtered
Cancerous terrains
Heartless hearts

I was suddenly chance-d
By pity when decided on a walk by a cemetery
Hoping to find an abandoned wisdom
Inscribed in one of the tombs

I care not to cry
Even tears is of natures worth
To let go of worthy and unworthy pains
To welcome a newly beautiful world

To the worth of words
he chose to write his soul
among humanity, rains shall
come to go.

Once a soldier always a little boy,
never grow to your full adulthood.

some find a way in the middle of a

Dearest little village,
My home
Where the grass at all is brown and sparse
The sun comes early and the rain is despaired

A rule broke into remnants
Tears clung upon a bare chest
Then useless to be strong
Tender, fragile than a baby bird

I took a walk by light regard
It was merely a night fling habit
It often occurred after supper rush
My Maiden would not care to quest

It is an idea that many
man died for liking-
at once seemed profitable and sensible.
Amazing how good ideas can fall in the-

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Romance kills so much
a part of me i like;
romance makes me neglect
a part of me i care to love.

Romance bribes me away from
things i call priceless;
romance blind my eyes towards
life to see.

Romance blows all the winds away
and give rainless summer's and
humid winter nights.
Romance gives me roselets when
roses wither out in time.

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Melikhaya Zagagana 20 October 2014

Besides being a writer of good and bad things. I am a human being with feelings, a father with courtesy. I might offend you accidentally or willingly, in-advance i'm sorry and i love all human kind unconditionally.

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Jenie Franksay 08 July 2013

i must say u r a talented writer.. keep penning sis. love ur poems.

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When I peered through the art of writing novels, many writers published books they wanted to read, but when did art became a book? … But sales will drag you to point.

All good writers drink to be original, if you want to know how they got there, buy them another bottle for the bottom of the truth and all you get is lies after lies.

Poetry is the art of living and lived.

writing is the art of finding fluency in blending words which purpose a significant meaning through pen to paper.

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Melikhaya Zagagana Popularity

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