i cursed god for my fate,
i cursed myself for being always late.

i hated god for giving me tears,
i hated myself for living in fears.

its the ultimate day.
i haven't imagined that
our friendship will end this way.
you said 'its end'.

it took late a bit.
from whom it
doesnt matter much.

now i know,

as a child i used to think,
what would i be
when i grow up?
i asked daddy.

in life we get compliments.
feedbacks and comments.
they vary.
make us sad or happy.

that i gave lovely glances
to you everyday.

For storms may pass over me,
but dare 'em, cant stir me.
Ages may pass and people may leave,
but worth their, cant leave a void.

The moon is up there.
Shining so bright.
I just stand and stare
such a beautiful sight.

I see you slowly,
Moving away from my glance.
Far, far away, thats why
I sing the farewell trance.

The ring with misplaced stone,
Your guitar pluck made of bone,
Wrappers of chocolates you once gave,
And envelopes of friendly exchanges.

we want support
we want equality
we want opportunity.

when i will be dead,
tears they'll shed.

on the day of funeral,
i will start my travel

On a blue canvas,
few patches of black and grey.
thats how
the sky is looking today.

world is beautiful.
i have heard
world has seven wonders.
i have heard

a weird creature.

super heroes & villians,
are his daily creations.

pen & paper in his company,

somethings on the go,
refreshes memories.
at night,
by my bedside,

i had a bad day,
close seemed away.
whats in future,
is the concerned matter.

i am a pen,
mightier than sword.
write to them,
whom you cant speak a word.

tragedy never ends.
traumas never die.
somewhere deep in your heart
unnoticed they lie.

Sitting on my desk,
before the white board.
The teacher is delievering lecture,
i am rather bored.


my sole inspiration for poems comes from nature and my innermost feelings... what i adore, what i hate, what i suffer all comes out automatically through my pen! ! I hope you will enjoy my poems.)


Smiles & Scars

i cursed god for my fate,
i cursed myself for being always late.

i hated god for giving me tears,
i hated myself for living in fears.

i questioned god 'why such to me? '
i questioned myself 'am i not sturdy? '

my life was doomed in darkness,
without a glimpse of happiness.

as i grew up i came to know,
god is high and me so low.

whatever happened, all had a cause.
so i moved on without pause.

i was changed with life's turns,
as paper into ashes when it burns.

i travelled long, walked with the stars,
realised, life gives both smiles & scars.


Melikhaya Zagagana 30 August 2014

So sweet and sad dear but we all know that we must carry on living whether life happens on our own terms or not; it is still our own we choose happiness or sadness. So what do you choose about you challenges in life sadness or happiness? This for one of you poems i have read; 'back to me' thanks

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Survi Sharma 07 August 2013

many many happy returns of the day

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Melikhaya Zagagana 04 July 2013

you have got the hang of it, keep writing princess, remember only experience that will take you further and further away from the noisy crowd. love your poems.

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Tripsha Ghosh 04 July 2013

Love the all poems keep writing

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Tripsha Ghosh 04 July 2013

Yaar all are good sare poems me comment nahi kar sakti isliye page pe kar rahi hoon all are good i love ur poems

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