Mercedes Zoller

Rookie (Pittsburgh Pennsylvania)

Mercedes Zoller Poems

1. English Lessons 12/11/2007
2. Different 12/11/2007
3. The Crazy Bull 12/11/2007
4. Sneaky English Teachers 10/1/2007
5. Bored 1/28/2008
6. Poems 1/28/2008
7. To You...Happy Valentine's Day! 2/14/2008
8. I Was The One 2/14/2008
9. In Love With You 2/8/2008
10. English Teachers Are One Of A Kind 12/11/2007
11. The Door Is Closed 1/19/2008
12. The Chains 2/8/2008
13. Coward 12/11/2007
14. Little Kisses 12/11/2007
15. Today I Had A Rotten Day 10/1/2007
16. You Stole My Heart 2/14/2008
17. Junky Car 2/14/2008
18. Birthday Cake 9/3/2009
19. Vicious Homework 12/17/2007
Best Poem of Mercedes Zoller

Vicious Homework

It’s obvious that English
Is not my favorite class
And Mrs. Knight, my teacher
Doesn’t think that I will pass
She’s heard all my excuses
About where my homework went
She doesn’t believe a thing I say
Her patience has been spent
So last night I did my homework…
I didn’t want to fail
I read all the chapters
But it didn’t go too well
The paper I wrote the summaries on
Fell in this jar full of muck
The paper grew some teeth and came alive

I didn’t know what I should do…
They were drooling on the floor
I freaked and threw them outside

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English Lessons

English lessons are a dreadful bore
i sit in my cold hard chair and snore
cant find any reason to stay awake
i dont know how much more i can take
English Lessons are terribly lame
for once the teachers arent the blame
they sit in day in and day out
while we complain and shout
well you can give them credit they do try

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