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I was born in our capital city, Nairobi(A place of many waters) an indian(at least I always thought it was) hospital-THE AGHAKAN HOSPITAL-i was raised in Nairobi for my first two tender years before my father[ Quintile M.] took us to live in the productive hills of Kiambu. I was comforted by the greens, clean air and the greater queries of l ...

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' I Do...'

I do...
Take your hand from this dark abyss,
take me out of this emptiness,
keep me from a bloody mess,
black ribbons and black bow ties,
ghost eyes,
cold thighs,
honeymoon on our ancient tomb.

Lay my life on a death bed,
cremate me while we make smoky love,
like mushrooms pollinating the earth,
glass bands and wedding rings,
tear this flesh and with bloodied ink,
write our vows forever more.
' I do '....
my darling!

I do want there to be a forever,
dark clouds or shiny sky,
full moon creeping in the afternoon.
Keep a dog at our front yard,
while it digs graves for visitors.

I do...
like a soldier in Vietnam war,
throw grenades and dodging bullets,
running with open wounds and fighting on,
trying hard to amber on.
what flames I carry,
my heart's a furnace...
red demon eyes.

I do...
under the witch's tree,
the tree that is my bed,
the twigs that are my beddings...
where often there is a sacrifice,
my soul the only price.
I do...
in this film,
photos frozen in daunting time,
collections of moments had.

I do...
as I make out from my dream,
as the morning shines on my queen,
soft skin on here silk sheet,
why I had a wondrous dream...
I do...
I do...
I still do...

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Merlin Mwaura Popularity

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