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Many abusers of it will pay
Without apology.
If you think it is cheep give it
Without negotiation.

Only to trust God with our faith
Only that is what might be needed to see
when the spell of darkness falls
Like the gurara waterfall.

verily the seed of evil has been sown
with its sad sunken eyes all opened
but such a great seed of evil who can kill?

This sonnet never w's it created to woo a maid
But to let out the shame of lust and how it's paid.
How great and small fall under its spell nev'r to rise!
And as the urge to do and be done rise - so the price.

Be gone, fury and fear:
Life has much to offer.
Halt, thou tempest! an anchor I bear -
As God lives -yielded I to His order.

Nebucchadnezer never was wise till he became a beast -
A beast God made of his folly to chastise his boast.
His heart never was God seen till exile broke his stiffness to dusts-

To take care of thy very heart how difficult it is!
yet twist-and-thrust thy heart seems for a bond.

To be bonded to a woman thy empty belly rumbles after.

heart could be so heavy
especially when it's filled
with stormy wave of life's tides.
I wasn't sure of the scale

The eye that sees via a lens
Even sees not well when the brain is tensed:
What‘s the gain of seeing via eyes that are densed?

No pain is as squeezing as their sores:
That spread all over their cores.
Yet they multiply more and more,
As if their sores are free of pain and spore.

Traveling and
Meditating as I look out of the window, and
I saw nothing but a light-ball Walking like a snail unharm
Down to its big store.

When I feel like respite has greeted
My soul,
Wave like a roaring lion greeted
My soul.

Heart becomes hot in all
When I imagined them all
My liver weep the gall
And no one

Give me your heart of flesh
And It shall learn discretion;
If only you can give it to me wholly,
Thou shall see how free

If you do not love me,
I say,
If you chose to love me not,
Just dare to remain idle

when I was lost in the sea of thoughts
I was only chewing the cuds of Aremu‘s words
which kept on ringing in my hollows
like the tingling of a cymbal in deep-night

never was he a wrestler
but he fought well with his heart
until he yelled his pain:
yea! my hip's been pulled out apart

What did you see:
A grey-haired seer?
A time-worn looking grandpa?
A founder of what all 'raws' called cultism?

while thinking loud on a metaphor
that best fits the word -selfishness -
cancer fits.

Meshack Dasco Biography

PERSONAL SUMMARY Meshack Bankole Dada is a Nigerian born Medical Doctor who takes delight in poetry at his early stage of medical training. He focuses on nature, lyrics, culture, interpersonal issues like love, moral, challenges and injustice. He is a known positive critic focusing on religion, tribe, race, politics and relationships. His choice for poetry is gingered by reading through the lines of great poets such as Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Shakespeare, Woodworth, Angelou, Sarah Teasdale among others. Their inspiring poems are like elixir balms of longevity to his body systems. EARLY LIFE & CAREER He was born and brought-up in the North-Central part of Nigeria, (Niger-State) . He is a native of Iloro-Ekiti, Ekiti-State in SouthWest Nigeria & the last born child of his family; though the road was alittle bumpy yet the boons were bountiful. He spent 70% of his childhood days with his mother, Lady Evangelist Beatrice Atinuke Dada - a prosperous trader and virtuous mother. His father, Late Rev‘d James Kosemani Dada spent most of his life outside home, due to his missionary ministerial demands. Dr Meshack attended Niger Baptist Nursery & Primary School, Minna, Niger-State(1994-1999) - - during which he was assisting his mother to do virtually all the household routines and selling of Satchet “Zobo“ drink, Ice Waters, Soft Drinks. He later joined his father for his Secondary school education - Okpe Isoko Grammar School, Okpe Isoko, Delta-State, Nigeria(1999-2003) & African Church Grammar School, Ikirun, Osun-State. Nigeria(2003-2005) . He was admitted into college of medicine, university of Ilorin, kwara-state, nigeria in november 2006. Graduated as a medical doctor in march 2013! Currently, running his internship program in FMC Bida, Niger-State, Nigeria. His delight for poetry right from early medical training days has been a good source of respite for him anytime depression hangs on. He is engaged to a Mathematician - Florence ‘Busayo Akande.)

The Best Poem Of Meshack Dasco

Kindness Is Not Common

Many abusers of it will pay
Without apology.
If you think it is cheep give it
Without negotiation.
Kindless guts rot.
Not a penny can drop from their palms.
Only the hearts of kindful few
Can share a breath for the dieing.
But the hearts of the kindless many,
Stink and rot with no remedy.
Kindness is not common:
If it is, how good is your heart!

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