Methods Create Madness

Methods Create Madness Poems

1. Trapped Or Free? 4/14/2011
2. Do As You Do. 4/15/2011
3. Who Are You? 4/17/2011
4. Parting 5/2/2011
5. He Met His End 5/6/2011
6. Just A Small Feeling 6/5/2011
7. Ensom. 6/23/2011
8. My Hesitation To Realize. 6/22/2011
9. It's About Time 1/4/2012
10. I'Ll Bow To No Man 4/6/2012
11. And Again I Write 4/30/2012
12. Brushed On The Wall 9/9/2012
13. I Won'T 8/18/2011
14. Oh My Judge 7/6/2011
15. Odè To My Loving Home And Those Lost 7/24/2011
16. One's Hope Can Hope For Other. 5/3/2011
17. Reflection 4/14/2011
18. Our Eyes Met 4/26/2011
19. Ignorance And Care 12/16/2011
20. Shell Of A Cold Soul 4/19/2011
21. I'Ll Always Look Back 7/25/2011

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  • Faith Fimano Faith Fimano (4/30/2012 6:35:00 PM)

    Love your biography ;)

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Best Poem of Methods Create Madness

I'Ll Always Look Back

Sing pretty angel
Sing my soul away
Sing pretty angel
Lead me from astray

Play pretty angel
Play my soul to rest
Play pretty angel
To mark I failed my test

Cry pretty angel
Cry your tears of fey
Cry pretty angel
Your tears wash blood away

Reach out pretty angel
Reach me where I fell
Reach out to me my angel
Please drag me up from hell

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Shell Of A Cold Soul

If I could ever find the words, I'd tell you about this wonterful place in me. A glacier. A great glacier.
Empty, cold but glorious at the same time.
This is the place I dream of. This is the place I long for.
It's like a deep cave made entierly of ice. Ice crystals and icicles fills this cave like frozen plants and flowers, reflecting the light and illuminating the cave.
A freezing wind runs trough this cave from the blizzard outside. Piercing, skin-cutting frost.
The icicles makes a bell-

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