Methods Create Madness

Methods Create Madness Poems

1. Trapped Or Free? 4/14/2011
2. Who Are You? 4/17/2011
3. Parting 5/2/2011
4. He Met His End 5/6/2011
5. I Won'T 8/18/2011
6. It's About Time 1/4/2012
7. I'Ll Bow To No Man 4/6/2012
8. And Again I Write 4/30/2012
9. Brushed On The Wall 9/9/2012
10. Oh My Judge 7/6/2011
11. Odè To My Loving Home And Those Lost 7/24/2011
12. One's Hope Can Hope For Other. 5/3/2011
13. Reflection 4/14/2011
14. Our Eyes Met 4/26/2011
15. Ignorance And Care 12/16/2011
16. Shell Of A Cold Soul 4/19/2011
17. Do As You Do. 4/15/2011
18. I'Ll Always Look Back 7/25/2011
19. My Hesitation To Realize. 6/22/2011
20. Ensom. 6/23/2011
21. Just A Small Feeling 6/5/2011

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    Love your biography ;)

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Best Poem of Methods Create Madness

Just A Small Feeling

'Have you ever loved someone? '
You asked me that.
'I don't know..'
It was all I could say.

'What is love to you? '
You continued to ask.
'I'm sorry, I don't have an answer for that.'
I really didnt..

'Love is not a sign of weakness you know.'
I'm not weak.. (What is weakness to you anyway?)
'It's ok to share. Whats on your mind? '
'Why me? ' I was thinking.. I was just anybody trying to enjoy my coffee in peace.

'Because you're alone.'
'you have the same eyes as me.'
Who was this girl, I couldnt even look at her after hearing ...

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Trapped Or Free?

A man is trapped in a room.
The door won't budge. He isn't strong enough to move it.
Theres a window in his room. It won't budge either.
He lacks the resolve to break it.
The room is closing in on him.
He's screaming. But it's not enough.
It's never enough.
It's gonna be fine though.
Wood rots with time. Right?

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