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Before I Met You

Spring would come with shafts of light
To make love to dark earth in the morning dew,
But the frost would bite too deep at night
And the beds were all bare, before I met you.

To think of love was like shaking hands
With a friend whose name I no longer knew.
I would walk alone along moonlit strands
And gaze deep into rivers, before I met you.

Before I met you, my plans were as birds
Betrayed to snow as they blindly flew,
For want of the line of a song without words
To guide them on, before I met you.

Long absence would fall like a massive ...

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The Ross Valley, Kiama

A high new moon of mountains cradling
Rolling stonewalled velvet fields,
With herds and homes and apt hands ladling
Milk pumped fresh which fullness yields;

Rows of palms like milk ejecting
In lofty founts from massaged nipples;
High thin calls of birds injecting
Silence; a breeze that dam glass ripples.