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Nature is mighty
Nature is strong
Nature is usually always right
Nature is rarely ever wrong

I look out
into the deep blue sky
wishing I could run about
Or maybe to just fly

I bet you think that you're so sly
Just oh so sly when you look me in the face and lie
I know you speak nothing of the truth
Why must you persist and try

Friend of mine
you took something away
you stole it from me
why can't i see

Chains That Bind

These chains
Tied upon the mast

Am I right?
Am I wrong?
Is it my sight?
IS it my song?

Diamonds are diamonds
Even though one may be shinier
Bigger or smaller

I'm trippin
i'm slipping
i'm sippin
from the goblet of life


Cold slowly advancing across skin
Breath no longer coming from within
Eyes glossy and now glazed
Body left to never again be raised

Creeping out
They fly away
flying now, because now is the day
the day of which, the next they'll not see

I feel my hair blowing in the wind
I feel at ease
Wishing I could forever float upon this breeze.
To never again be pinned.


I see them
They swirl around me in a violent torrent
Their eyes are white


My mind starts to spin
My thoughts bump around inside my brain
It causes me so great of a pain
My world begins to twirl

I wish i could fly
Fly off into the endless night sky
Away from all my pain
That's been making me insane

I never really imagined me
The me in the future, who I'd and where
People ask me, but all i do is stop and stare
Staring through them, it's like i cannot see

Follow me to the edge
If nobody wants you anymore
Follow me to the edge
If people throw you to the floor

Crimson Fire
Raging on Inside
Flowing like the ocean's tide
Telling me my heart's desire

I stand on the brink
Staring down into the black
I hated all those shrinks
Now I'm standing at the edge of this crack

Down in the grove
Grows long wavy wavy grass
Down in the grove
Grows a mighty ash

I wonder what its like
to feel no sense, no feelings in your head
Would it be like you're still alive, but you're already dead?
I lay awake, lay in my bed

Michael Carlson Biography

I play guitar and write music and poetry. i create because it's an extension of who i am, not what I want the world around me to perceive)

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Nature is mighty
Nature is strong
Nature is usually always right
Nature is rarely ever wrong
Nature is beauty
Nature is moody
Nature is smart
Nature always has the greater part
Nature is blue
Nature is green
Nature is every color possibly seen
Nature is true
Nature is beaming
Nature is dreaming
Nature is in every place
Nature is always with grace
Nature is true
Nature is you
Nature is me
Nature will forever be free.

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Zeenat Fatima 11 December 2011

Really nice poem by you.

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Michael Carlson Popularity

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