Nature Poem by Michael Carlson


Rating: 3.8

Nature is mighty
Nature is strong
Nature is usually always right
Nature is rarely ever wrong
Nature is beauty
Nature is moody
Nature is smart
Nature always has the greater part
Nature is blue
Nature is green
Nature is every color possibly seen
Nature is true
Nature is beaming
Nature is dreaming
Nature is in every place
Nature is always with grace
Nature is true
Nature is you
Nature is me
Nature will forever be free.

Eesah Atchia 13 June 2009

i luved it i love nature 1 q nature is mighty isnt it hahaha hi my name is Eesah Atchia and im 10 years old bye :)

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Pacific Hernandez 21 September 2008

Simple but beautiful.

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Jacob Gifford 17 December 2008

i like your poems and i have a couple like it i made them my self i spent like 4hr i got 5poems you will like 8-)

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Karl White 14 April 2009

i liked ur poem about nature it was nice check out one of mine i know thars not that many thow

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Reyna Julia 26 January 2009

Your poems are pretty good. For a guy your age that's a big achievement. I like how they just flow with everything else that you are saying. I'll keep reading the rest of your poems and give you my comments. Hope you dont mind. Keep up the good work.

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sneia 23 July 2018

a very excellent poem

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Nihal Gupta 19 February 2011

beautiful poem is writen by you...

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Crista Janise Qawhaji 02 September 2010

hi michael thanks so much cause of u my poem is so sucessful thank u so much! ! ! :)

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Ravinder Malhotra 07 November 2009

I find the same poem posted by one ANEES AKBAR. Who copied who? Please sort it out

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Izabelle Moreder 01 October 2009

hi, as a poest myself i find your poem absolutly beautiful, dont get mad but some words i think you just put cause they rie and theydont really describe the truth of nature. but it was good.

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