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two shadows sway in starlight
every night the aether writhes
by moonlight shadows sever ties
with mortal bodies, locked in dreamtides

you smile, and stars burst into being
you laugh, the angels swoon and dropp into the sea
your eyes mirror starlight at midnight
dreamtides rise and fall behind them, so deep and so bright

talk about the divine
that smile like sunshine
blows my mind all the time
and, my god, those eyes alight

this isnt pain
it doest bring the tears down like rain
this isnt shame
it doesnt flush heat into my face

I wish I knew something
to explain my everything
but I don't, so I wordlessly sing
I wish I could take this all out of me

the music in my mind
the echoes of my writhing tides
that know not time nor light
nor dark nor rhyme, just the divine

so long ago, i bore the seed
of all my soul would ever need
i planted it deep
and tended it in sleep

death is yet come for me
long years left, much for me to see
like the trees, i grow, roots deep in reality
feed the blossoms in my dreams

aye, my heart quivers
ive no taste for winter
my heart shivers
full of splinters

I don't presume by titling this the world, as the world is beyond my verbal perceptions, and likely my mental ones as well. I mean 'The World' as but a few of my thoughts concerning the world.

the world, so many broken hearts
the world, so many who fear the dark

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Lovers In Shadow

two shadows sway in starlight
every night the aether writhes
by moonlight shadows sever ties
with mortal bodies, locked in dreamtides
daylight leaves lovers unaware
of the passions that they share
the shadow lovers know not where
their other halves make their lair
he forgets her skin against his
she the caress of his fingertips
and neither recalls passions flavor on their lips
the sun seems to erase their memory
blinds them from their ecstasy
seraphic rapture captured in an act of melody
a song that weaves itself from intermingled heartbeats
a pair of souls that echo love
a love stronger, fiercer, brighter, hotter than the sun
as she is to him, to her he is the one
laughter, fears, tears, rapture blossoms
but as aurora breathed her flaming breath...she lost him
and he lost her
and so they hurt
yet neither knows, neither remembers
latent flame exists in embers
all through november and december
neither one recognizes their lover
but these two are destined to be
soul mates, beloved of each other no other fish in the sea
so eventually he and she
will recall their forgotten deeds
forgotten needs, sacrifice grants heavenly wings
anf angels rejoice, angels sing
as the lovers in shadow meet
by daylight or at midnight
moon or starlight, flame or rain
they embrace each other and subsequently destiny
through compromise, fidelity and constancy
dreams come true
and love is renewed
and the shadow lovers continue
to live happily ever after
as the fairies tell, blessed and limned in seraphic rapture

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