Michael Shepherd Poems

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! Cat Skills

So the diminishing tribe
of wild cats
got together and agreed hey times is gettin' tough
we need a strategy.

0420 Trust Nature

It's said that every species in the world
displays one gift beyond the scope of Man.
How dangerous the skies - for men, and birds -
how soiled the air, if wings were in Man's span!

! Words Of Consolation On A Wet Day In The Lake District

I dreamt I flew as ibis fly
o'er sand and palm and sunny Nile

0106 To Rilke

Unending one, you’ve shown myself to me.

In the place you wrote into being
where the image of God made Man

Haiku For Mf

0407 The Past Was A Present Once

A string of perfect pearls
threaded on grey silk
in a silver jewel-case
I'm keeping for somebody else

! Being Today

Today is that day
not on the calendar,
as National Olfactory Day,
but far more exciting than that:

! The Poem's Flight

A poet, far from his beloved,
wrote a poem full of meaning
and, calling a carrier-pigeon from his loft,
sent it as a white dove to his beloved

0030 Breasts

I’ve only got to say the word…and
I can hear the male murmur murmur right now
mixed with a hurhur hurhur as of naughty boys…
suddenly lips and fingers have their vivid, hungry memories…


disconcerting from the first moment. how to know
freak from mutant. what rules and if not rules, what.
freaks release the mind from proud obligations of duty.
hate, admire, destroy, venerate; easiest of all, ignore: