Michael Shepherd Poems

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Snow: A Haiku

0192 Abundance

I am overwhelmed
by the abundance
in my poverty;
the riches that I find

0361 Over My Dead Body..

The central aisle – more, an asphalted roadway –
of Brompton Cemetery would be hard to beat.
It’s no Forest Lawns, Pere Lachaise, but great
for passing trade, of all peculiar sorts – a

Lines To A Poet Of Middling Age

You are now too old
to indulge in arrogance

and yet you are too young

! Rumi's Silence

Rumi wrote much about silence.
Does that seem strange?

Poets live with silence:

0004 Car Boot Sales

In Reply To Your Irate Comment...

...well, yes, I agree the 'Comment' box is for comments - but hold on -
I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry...
yes, growing up in the Bible Belt
must be purgatory with only heaven and hell

! ! Gertrude Stein Is Interviewed On American Poetry

and there was the knocking on the door
that we were expecting
and it was the man
that we were expecting

! ! Pooh Bear Defines Haiku

0012 Bereavement

What is it, when we mourn and grieve and cry
for those we loved - and love - now passed away,
that gives our pain such brute totality?