Michael Shepherd Poems

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! In The Spirit Of Rumi - 67 - To Rumi

I’m not too proud to say
please write a new poem through me
and I promise not to claim that
I wrote it myself…

0313 Every Poem's An Adventure

Reader, if it’s the first time that you hit
this site, stretching out like a landscape
as far as the mind may reach – just, we ask,
remember –

! The Kite The Wind Took As If A Poem

You bought the kit,
couldn’t wait for Mum to clear the table
to spread its bits and pieces out

! Unbound Lyric, For Shirley Who Said So

Bonding, but not binding…
now, there’s true love, for you…
fondly done by finding
what joins you for true…


‘I love him – that’s why we’re together…’

‘I love her too – but sometimes
we drive each other up the wall…’

Geoff Chaucer Reads Tom Eliot

A clerke there was, one Tomas Elyot hight;
‘Stearns’ wasse hys middel name; I think him so;
His gowne a cutte severe, sterne, clericale.
Hie werkéd in a banke; but lyked it not;

0194 A Boy's Vision

The boy walks past the window;
you can see he's
got something clearly in his mind;
walks firmly on both feet as if

! My Wake, My Funeral, My Celebration

could be full of surprises.
I'm not Irish; but if you were to do
the full Irish thing - take my corpse out of the coffin,

0084 The Quiet Room

Into this quiet room; with sweet relief
the sense of oneness with oneself returns;
the glorious, restless world no longer thief
through thought, of all that for that oneness yearns;

0205 Front Porch Days

London, six o'clock in June, two-o-o-five:

These streets were built in nineteen-five or thereabouts
in unimaginative grid, on London clay and previous watercress beds