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When the music calls to the soul’s hunger
the matzub begins to turn like a shy maiden;
then faster, faster; centrifugal force
will throw him out of kilter, off the dance floor,

Thought For Today

Today's Marathon Day here in London.
An unpleasant image strikes me:
suppose the journey to the Pearly Gates
looks just like the TV coverage of the marathon?

0032from Shankara On The Chandogya Upanishad 8.1.1

Inside the body
is a little place.

you could say that

! The Guna Show

So much has travelled from the East to West
that it’s surprising that those three great forces
which the Indians knew so well, are not
in Western consciousness; they tell so much;

0012 Ego Takes The Stage

It’s a lovely old-fashioned tea-room
in one of those rare up-town hotels
that’s still a family concern; well-run,
staff been there for years; prices

! Has Music Gone From Poetry?

Has music gone from poetry?
Words and music, still agree?
Dance and rhythm, song and laughter,
Do they echo, now, hereafter..?

0106 Winter Sunlight In China

The cry of the stork echoes
from the cold cliff where the mist
is clearing for an hour or two
this winter morning

0145 Chinese Landscape

The old pine tree
leans out from the rocks
over the still lake
with respect

! On The Break-Up Of Two E-Poets

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0022 A Dickinsonian Ode To Hope

Hopes – that soar –
like kites in wind -
above the truth –
with wishes – twisting