Michael Shepherd Poems

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! Tony Hoagland

and yes even the photo
on the back cover
as if he’d gone to the studio,
said, I’ve written this book

! The New-Born Poem

Of course, it’s yours
so you want to love it,
want to believe that
though there are other children,

! ! The Stature Of Truth

Watch them closely.
Your greater life depends on this.
See their bodies, watch their faces,
listen to their sound, which is

! ! Be Clay

Don’t be half-hearted about this –
be clay.

You know all about clay –

! Singing The Silences

It’s almost as if we
sing them to each other all the day

! In The Spirit Of Rumi - 25

I said to My Beloved
Tell me the measure of truth
My Beloved said

! ! John Donne Remembers Saint Augustine

! Zeke Snirer, Poetry Critic

Zeke Snirer.
he’s young. ish.
he’s got something to offer the world:
he’s the best judge of poetry. ever.

0289 Bacchus, God Of Poetry And Wine

The famous Poet Laureate
of North Dakota State
has been suspended on full pay
just because one merry day

0021 Poets' Tree

Spiky, a mass of spikes more threatening than sharp -
what are they fending off, what are they protecting
so fiercely with their green carapace like a thoughtful womb,
dropping their hidden beauties in reflective autumn