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WIGGLESWORTH, MICHAEL (1631—1705), American clergyman and poet, was born in England, probably in Yorkshire, on the 18th of October 1631. His father, Edward (d. 1653), persecuted for his Puritan faith, emigrated with his family to New England in 1638 and settled in New Haven. Michael studied for a time at a school kept by Ezekiel Cheever, and in 165 ...

Michael Wigglesworth Poems

The Day Of Doom

Still was the night, Serene & Bright,
when all Men sleeping lay;
Calm was the season, & carnal reason
thought so 'twould last for ay.

A Prayer Unto Christ

O Dearest Dread, most glorious King,
I'le of thy justest Judgements sing:
So thou my head and heart inspire,

To The Christian Reader

Reader, I am a fool;
And have adventured
To play the fool this once for Christ,
The more his fame to spread.

Vanity Of Vanities

A Song of Emptiness
To Fill up the Empty Pages Following

Vain, frail, short liv'd, and miserable Man,

A Short Discourse On Eternity

What Mortal man can with his Span
mete out Eternity?
Or fathom it by depth of Wit,

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