Michael Wigglesworth Poems

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The Day Of Doom

Still was the night, Serene & Bright,
when all Men sleeping lay;
Calm was the season, & carnal reason
thought so 'twould last for ay.

A Prayer Unto Christ

O Dearest Dread, most glorious King,
I'le of thy justest Judgements sing:
So thou my head and heart inspire,

To The Christian Reader

Reader, I am a fool;
And have adventured
To play the fool this once for Christ,
The more his fame to spread.

Vanity Of Vanities

A Song of Emptiness
To Fill up the Empty Pages Following

Vain, frail, short liv'd, and miserable Man,

A Short Discourse On Eternity

What Mortal man can with his Span
mete out Eternity?
Or fathom it by depth of Wit,

A Postscript Unto The Reader

And now good Reader, I return again
To talk with thee, who hast been at the pain
To read throughout, and heed what went before;