Michelle Guza Poems

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The Girl Inside

the girl inside has a fear,
of what the girl inside holds so dear,
far from reality, but always in dream,
the girl inside is screaming althought it may not seem,

*her And Him*

She sits at the window peering at the fall rain
Wondering if she is just to blind not to feel the pain
She has liked him so much for so long
She feels that with out loving him its just wrong

**don'T Forget Me**

Don’t forget me as you walk right past
I just want our memories to always last
Screaming at the top of my lungs that I just want out
Pease don’t forget all that i’m about

Blue Eyes...

Blue eyes full of tears
Growing tender through out the years
Tears falling to hit the floor
Then filling up all the more…

A Pain Worse Then Love...

I have just found out that love isn’t the worst pain
its hurting the one that with, I once ran through the rain
my big sister I have lost and hurt which is killing me
this isn’t the way it should be

I Don’t Need A Therapist I Need My Big Sister! !

I’m ever so numb
So why cant you see
That not only do I not but now I hate my family
You took what made me smile

~a Family That Doesn'T Belong~

By: Michelle (Miss. Shelly)

A family that doesn’t belong,
But always knowing we didn’t do a thing wrong!


Little sister grow up on my tracks
Making mistake up for the love she lacks
She is chocking on unspoken words such as I
But this thing called love she is so hesitant to try

Worst Fear Come True...

Cold tears plunging from the eyes that are forever lost
Making no since and trying to make it through
Its just not the same..not with out you
I’m not perfect and you never cared

Bleeding Angels! ! !

Bleeding angels
Right from the wings
No more harps to play or songs to sing
Try to fly but do a belly flop