Micron Poems

41. Death You Dont Scare Me 7/6/2009
42. Deep Pain 2/14/2009
43. Did You Ever Love Me? 2/26/2009
44. Distant Love 4/25/2009
45. Don’t Lose Yourself Turn Away 2/28/2009
46. Dont Stand Crying 1/6/2009
47. Dream Knight 12/3/2010
48. Dream Of Flying 10/14/2014
49. Dreams 1/19/2009
50. Drive Home In Tears 3/26/2009
51. Empty Inside 7/14/2009
52. English Country View 2/10/2009
53. Eppiedom 1/19/2009
54. Escape This Misery 2/14/2009
55. Escape With Imagination 10/11/2009
56. Events People Take Their Toil 5/12/2009
57. Explosive Acid Mix 2/14/2009
58. Falling Cherry Blossom 4/6/2009
59. False Friends 2/13/2009
60. False Promises 3/26/2009
61. Fantasy Place 1/10/2009
62. Fears 2/16/2009
63. Feeling Small 2/14/2009
64. Feelings 2/3/2009
65. First Christmas Tree 12/22/2008
66. Flower 5/12/2009
67. Flowers And Birds 10/30/2014
68. Follow Heart And Soul 2/9/2009
69. For Me It’s Just….. 12/1/2008
70. Forever And Always I Will Love You. 4/24/2009
71. Forgotten House 9/3/2009
72. Fractured Rib 4/24/2009
73. Friends That Hurt You 2/13/2009
74. George - We Will Get Through This Somehow. 10/29/2011
75. Gifts 12/14/2008
76. Gifts We Make 4/7/2009
77. Goodness Love Stays 2/28/2009
78. Got To Stay Calm 6/23/2009
79. Guest Book 4/6/2009
80. Happy 2/28/2009
Best Poem of Micron

Hope Is

Hope is a dream in the mind of what can come
Hope gives you a future whatever has passed whatever done
Hope is a light that breaks through the darkness that us surround
Hope helps us find our way through to safer loving ground
Hope fights for you when things get so very tough
Hope means keeping going when you have had enough
Hope though dims on times stays through your sorrow
Hope brings you through by dreaming of tomorrow
Hope tries to console you when your eyes glisten with tears
Hope gives you something to keep going whatever your fears
Hope is free beautiful ...

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Birthday Alone

I'm on holiday and you ask why are you so forlone
Well todays my birthday and Im just stuck here alone
This morning I opened my eyes
And stupidly in vain hoped for a nice surprise
So I stay at home, cant get the strength anymore to go out
If out I'd wander alone while others are in groups and pairs all about
People just talking, laughing and joking everywhere around
While I feel they laugh at me, and yet i won't make a sound
Yes I have online friends and talk daily there

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