Micron Poems

1. Hold On 11/20/2008
2. Who Am I? 11/24/2008
3. The Divine Tree 11/25/2008
4. Tin Hut - New Home 11/25/2008
5. Under The Weeping Willow Tree 11/26/2008
6. Lifes Colours 11/26/2008
7. Blue 11/26/2008
8. For Me It’s Just….. 12/1/2008
9. Hospital Visiting 12/7/2008
10. Morning In The Garden 12/7/2008
11. Gifts 12/14/2008
12. Whats In A Rose? 12/14/2008
13. Nameless Man 11/20/2008
14. Lies And Greed 11/20/2008
15. My Knight In Shining Armour 12/16/2008
16. Christmas Time 12/23/2008
17. Bend To The Light 1/3/2009
18. Wedding Anniversary 1/3/2009
19. Memories And New Year 1/3/2009
20. Lifes Short.... 1/7/2009
21. Live / Die 1/7/2009
22. Rain 1/7/2009
23. Courage 1/10/2009
24. Nature's Patterns 1/11/2009
25. Life The Teacher 1/11/2009
26. Crazy Me 1/11/2009
27. I Still Couldnt Cry 1/12/2009
28. Loving Souls 1/13/2009
29. Heartless Boss 1/14/2009
30. Tranquil Place 1/16/2009
31. Moonlight Rain 1/6/2009
32. No Heating 1/10/2009
33. Changes 1/19/2009
34. Dreams 1/19/2009
35. When You Feel… 1/19/2009
36. Eppiedom 1/19/2009
37. Tina's Place 1/19/2009
38. Tranquillity 1/26/2009
39. The Common Daisy 1/26/2009
40. Irratic Sleeping 1/29/2009

Comments about Micron

  • Unique Moore (2/6/2011 3:10:00 AM)

    i just love your poems a lot it make you see that your not alone

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  • Richard Neville (10/18/2009 10:04:00 PM)

    I love your poems. They are so meaningfull. Me and a group of friends suffer both bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and your poems helped us out alot epecially making them into songs.

Best Poem of Micron

Hope Is

Hope is a dream in the mind of what can come
Hope gives you a future whatever has passed whatever done
Hope is a light that breaks through the darkness that us surround
Hope helps us find our way through to safer loving ground
Hope fights for you when things get so very tough
Hope means keeping going when you have had enough
Hope though dims on times stays through your sorrow
Hope brings you through by dreaming of tomorrow
Hope tries to console you when your eyes glisten with tears
Hope gives you something to keep going whatever your fears
Hope is free beautiful ...

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Birthday Alone

I'm on holiday and you ask why are you so forlone
Well todays my birthday and Im just stuck here alone
This morning I opened my eyes
And stupidly in vain hoped for a nice surprise
So I stay at home, cant get the strength anymore to go out
If out I'd wander alone while others are in groups and pairs all about
People just talking, laughing and joking everywhere around
While I feel they laugh at me, and yet i won't make a sound
Yes I have online friends and talk daily there

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