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I wrote this when you were two
You’re my favourite little two years old
will be my favourite in what ever age
Oh yes I promise you this

If someone asked me
What I did with my life
and tomorrow never comes

In the dark
feeling cold breaking sweats
feeling pain and numbness
feeling madness and suffering

In the morning light I slept
under a gray sky
grave somber
buried alive in thoughts

Its Been Three years since we met
Has it been enough time, I swear it isn’t
And here we are
Not together but

I cross the street
My favorite Street of the Square
Our frothy long days
Flows by like the River behind the mosque

Rain on the window
And Light turns red
Thinking of you my dear
Hope your thinking of me too

Far North his from
Long hair with beautiful ‘tash
Eyes light green like a deep lake
Skin that glows but never tans


From Expensive car you litter
From Motorbike you litter too

At the corner I stand
All alone on Saturday afternoon

Traffic passing


I drive everyday
Passing the same way
Same sound, same Life, same old

Wind as the score
Waves on percussion
The Birds on strings
Traffic at top vocal

Far Distance they came
Hair like the sun
with Skin like sand
Different Yet so common....


Murky waves weaving the beach
Black Sand, Black Clouds
Decayed leaves fading wraps
Scatted, awaits a gaze

The beats of the drum
The tinkling of the bell
There is chanting
There is some movement


Life is an Ocean

as waves

Men Oh Men
How beautiful they are
Broad shoulders like warriors
Strong arms to lift any

The sun rose with rays of your voice
Standing tall over the street
Wanting to move faster
Waiting to rise over Atlantic

To Love someone
Is not with words
Is not with gifts
Is not to move mountains

Air is still
Trees are poised
Just the Moon bragging its Curve
Some thoughts Dancing away …

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My Dear Niece

I wrote this when you were two
You’re my favourite little two years old
will be my favourite in what ever age
Oh yes I promise you this

You speak so much for your age
I am sure this will not be the last time you hear this

Your really the star that shine my life
Our life, my mom and your mom's too
I will never forget your lady bug pyjamas
Or your cry but your laughter roars lauder
Grow slow my dearest niece
Wont want to miss a thing
Will want to remember everything

Seen your first turn, your first leap your first step
Heard your first cry, your first word your first song
I made you cry, scream, teasing too much
But my heart soften when you call me my title

Grow slow my little girl
My baby girl you will always be

My dear niece
Your sitting on my lap now
Reaching to grasp anything you can
Now I wish you would grow faster
My dearest niece you will remain

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