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The Big Dream

He sits by his clock on the plains
Pale breeze kisses his faded skin
Crooks eyes away from gleam seas
Pens no longer spitting out his tears

Aleksander The Abyss

I eat more led
As I spill more red
Long I reek of death
As I make my foes bed

Monkeys Ii

Eyeless accepts all that is to disgrace.
Man sees a tree mourn for what he has swallowed.
Animals are rused by his dirty hands.
Man drinks a bottle of careless as a toast.


There's a flirty storm in my pocket.
Growing soothingly throughout the days
Attached onto my ashen tangled arteries.
I'm feeling very afraid of what it can think.


In our mother, we look to her.
To swim over the earth today.
Feeling Sleepy as two to live as one.
Not daring to see one to another go away.

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