Mike Farris Jr.

Rookie (October 5,1975 / Franklin In)

Mike Farris Jr. Poems

1. Waiting To Leaf 11/10/2008
2. Living With Strangers 11/10/2008
3. The Letter 11/10/2008
4. The Prisoner 11/10/2008
5. Locked Up Locks 11/10/2008
6. Rest-Less Criminals 11/10/2008
7. To My Friend Sean 11/10/2008
8. These Walls 6/15/2008
9. Storm! ! ! 11/10/2008
10. Just Make It Through 11/10/2008
11. What If.... 11/10/2008
12. In Jail So Young 11/11/2008
13. Change Out Time 11/11/2008
14. Feelings That Travel 12/13/2008
15. Court Time 1/3/2009
16. Fake 1/21/2009
17. Structural Defect 1/27/2009
18. The Lonely Man 2/2/2009
19. Music To My Ears 12/29/2011
20. I Will Again Stand Strong 11/10/2008
21. Too Bad So Sad 1/9/2009
22. Passing The Time 11/11/2008
Best Poem of Mike Farris Jr.

Passing The Time


I toss and turn
Try not to sleep
Woke up to piss
Cuz my bladder is weak
My mind is tired
But I can’t shut it down
I’m getting fat
Cuz I just lay around
Jail is a boring place to be
Unless there’s a fight between inmates
Or something good on the T.V.
Thinking of ways to abide my time
When I can’t sleep
I write on these lines
Sometimes good
Sometimes not
But paper and pencil
Are the tools I’ve got
After this I’ll lie back down
To rest my mind
And try to shut it down


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Storm! ! !

STORM! ! !

It needs to storm, rain like crazy
Thunder, lightning, and winds galore
I miss the pitter patter sounds
Of rain on my window
Watching the light show from abroad
Listening to those angels bowl

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