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Awaiting For..... Tomorrow

Sitting in darkness
Waiting i blame...
wishing this morning will quickly end.

Blood Of My Blood

Blood of my Blood
Flesh of my Flesh
How I miss You
My Beloved Son

Sardonic Mind

Her childish wonder
became a devilish laughter
young girl in hunger
with fire burning under.

My Prince Of Darkness

He straps my body
to the ground...
feeds me, thrills me,
and keeps me bound.

I Hold

His eyes;
are made of Fire...
This Man;
so strong and whole.

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25 May 2015

Stuff.... happens everyday, dont sugarcoat your reality....after all, it is what it is, since it cant be mas o meno de lo que es...que no? .....P E A C E _&_ L O V E...... ^^) ALWAYS SHOW THE ONES YOU LOVE HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM(^^ cause after all is said & done, is those little acts of togetherness, kindness, loving, memories....that you get to keep. ***NOMATTERWHAT*** LOVE MY CHILDREN NOMATTERWHAT...Dana Michael.. Patricia Michelle..Christopher Paul..RIP.. Erick Matthew..& last but never least... Raven homemade gifts....

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