Mishack Mchunu

Rookie (1992 June 27 / Mpumalanga)

Mishack Mchunu Poems

1. But God! 2/22/2011
2. Instintive Beauty 2/22/2011
3. God Is Never To Blame! 2/22/2011
4. To My Younger Brother 2/22/2011
5. Still. 2/22/2011
6. Time Will Tell 2/22/2011
7. Men! 2/24/2011
8. Confidence Against Persistence 3/3/2011
9. So Young Yet We Do Dance! 3/3/2011
10. Rise And Shine. 3/3/2011
11. Love Back. 3/3/2011
12. In This Way Have The Power. 3/10/2011
13. Mama Africa. 3/11/2011
14. I Love You Daddy! 3/11/2011
15. Our Last Meeting. 3/14/2011
16. End Of Days! 3/16/2011
17. To You Honourable Poet 3/18/2011
18. Search. 3/24/2011
19. Love Peace And Happiness. 3/24/2011
20. Treat Me Right. 3/25/2011
21. My Provider 3/28/2011
22. 'Sun Shine' 4/21/2011
23. To My Beloved, For Us! 2/22/2011
24. '27 Lines For Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela' 2/22/2011
25. Where... 7/18/2011
26. His Grace 8/24/2011
27. The Lord's Prayer 11/1/2011
28. When I Met My Self 11/1/2011
29. Yahweh 1/17/2012
30. Hold On 1/17/2012
31. Her Virtues Turned Us To Statues 1/17/2012
32. I Saw Her Again 1/17/2012
33. But Failure 9/1/2011
34. My Identity 9/23/2011
35. Shine Forever 1/17/2012
36. Almost 1/17/2012
37. I Still Have To Die 1/23/2012
38. Friction 2/20/2012
39. Culture 2/20/2012
40. Sweet Jesus 2/20/2012

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Best Poem of Mishack Mchunu

How Far I Love You

I don’t love you
For the prideful and self centered reasons.
When the sky is blue,
To the slaying storms and all kinds of seasons
In the midst of pain,
To the four ends of the Compass you will hear me cry.
Standing on the rain,
Waiting for a new day and all these tears to dry,

Not for your sexy body that dwell with my lust.
To the depth of your immortal soul I reach,
I adherer to it until it flies out of this dust
World’s Terror could I be satisfied without her and have no pleasure to search?

To all being you are my prime,
A centurion I ...

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To Those In Pain

Tears from that face will forever fall
But not shall they reach that ground,
Nor turn the dry lands into Eden for all,
For that infliction will strike for more and never turn around
Though life may turn you in to a soccer ball
Banging you into its own direction and leave you to die from its pound.
That salty water would never result in to a spell
To fleet to hell that trouble or rebound.
You shall cry but later move on

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